by Master's Hammer

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Adam Lounsbery
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Adam Lounsbery If you love old-school black metal and have never heard Master's Hammer, give this album a whirl. They have a distinctive Czech flavor that differentiates them from their Norwegian brethren, but this is still firmly in the style of early BM. Their next album is also great, and went in a more prog, operatic direction. This album has been my most-played of the past week. Favorite track: Černá svatozář.
Slovenly Slathered In Soap
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Slovenly Slathered In Soap Alongside being the pivotal figure of musical work in the history of metal that it is, which is good enough reason to listen to this album alone, this album also stands highly aloft as an absolute masterpiece of musical work on its own merits of being well written and heavy, regardless of the influence it holds. This is one of few albums which I listened to and throughout found a deep and insatiable need to mosh. One of few which kept me interested throughout the entirety of my listen where I never considered changing over to another album or to keep checking out new music. Influential. Masterpiece. Must-Listen! Favorite track: Černá svatozář.
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Intro 00:52
Pád modly 06:30
Ritual 03:17
Geniové 05:08
Jáma pekel 04:20
Vykoupení 05:33
Útok 07:30


"When approaching Master's Hammer the first thing one must take into consideration is that this stuff predates the second wave explosion of Norwegian black metal in 1992 which forever changed the popular conception of the genre and lead everyone to expect bands to be like Darkthrone, Burzum or worse yet Immortal. The second thing is the locale of the band. Czech and other Eastern European metal groups in the 80s and early 90s had frequently strange and uncommon styles which are often very dissimilar to what most most metal fans expect. Bearing these things in mind, Master's Hammer created some interesting, well written, heavy and at times downright zany music. From their Czech folk infused tracks (something unheard of in black metal at the time) to their weird and sometimes off-kilter thrashers in the vain of Tormentor but with unique touches, they had a lot interesting stuff to bring to the table."

(by noisymugwump / sputnikmusic)


released January 1, 1992


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